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      Dispute Resolution is one of the important departments of our firm, which is led by Mr. Han Bin, the founder of the firm, and is consisted of a group of elite attorneys. All attorneys of the department graduated from the top law schools in China, with many years practical experience. Therefore, we are able to provide practical solutions on case by case basis that meet the demands of different clients.

      Areas of expertise:

  • Complicated criminal litigation
    Financial Crime
    providing professional legal services for complicated, highly sensitive cases with profound social impact, which involves financial, securities, futures, foreign exchange and other alleged criminal acts

    Commercial Crime
    to provide professional legal services for the cases related to violating commercial secrets, commercial bribery, illegal business operation of similar crimes, insider trading, damage to business reputation, product reputation crime, bid-rigging and other alleged crimes seriously disrupt the market and economic order, and violation of corporate interests, undermine the interests of shareholders and investors

    Crime by taking advantage of duty
    providing legal services against serious cases as corruption, bribery, embezzlement, dereliction of duty and other alleged criminal acts

    Precaution against Economic Crime
    providing legal risk assessment report according to the client's demands; organizing criminal law experts and practitioners to expound and prove specific case; and to provide criminal risk precaution and control training to the senior executives
  • Civil Litigation
    we are highly recognized for our ability to succeed in high-stakes, complex cases. Our attorneys are active in various courts and other tribunals across China.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

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