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  International Business of Beijing H&J Law Firm has attorneys at law with rich working experiences in Sino-foreign cases. We can provide individual and professional legal solutions to our clients.

      Areas of expertise:

  • Foreign Investment
    Investment structuring and legal due diligence;
    Application documents and feasibility study reports;
    Drafting and negotiation of company formation documents, including joint venture contracts, articles of association, and technology license agreements;
    Government approval and registration for company formation and related procedures;
    Legal compliance in ongoing operations in areas including corporate governance, customs, tax and labor;
    Restructuring, dissolution and liquidation;
  • Overseas Investment
    Assessing the legal environment and risks of the jurisdiction of the intended location of the projects;
    Assisting clients with obtaining approvals from Chinese authorities for overseas investments;
    Assisting clients with arranging local counsels and other professionals;
    Designing optimal investment structures to maximize clients' benefits;
    Preparing and negotiating investment documents;
    Assisting with negotiations with financing parties and other project stakeholders; 
  • International Trade
    Anti-dumping, countervailing duties and safeguard investigations;
    Service trade, international trade of goods and processing trade ;
    Customs matters, commodity inspection procedures and bonded areas ;
    Shipping and insurance;
    Import and export of technology ;
    Trade financing ;
    Logistics and procurement;
    Settlement of disputes relating to international trade ;
    WTO affairs;  
  • Chinese-foreign Civil Legal Affairs
    Handling prenuptial property confirmation and property preservation in divorce of Chinese-foreign marriage ;
    Representing clients for application for Chinese-foreign divorce;
    Handling confirmation and division of property on Chinese-foreign divorce;
    Representing clients for disputes over upbringing of children on Chinese-foreign divorce;
    Representing clients for disputes over Chinese-foreign inheritance of property ;
    Representing clients for compensation for damages claim of Chinese-foreign divorce;
    Representing clients for Chinese-foreign adopting disputes ;
  • Chinese-foreign Criminal Legal Affairs
    Defending foreign suspects;

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