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  H&J has more than ten years of experiences in finance and banking legal services and is one of the leading law firms in the area. We advise on the restructurings, equity transfer, stock and bond issuance and listing, sale of material assets and other securities-related transactions for investment banks, enterprises, funds, financial institutions and government entities. Our lawyers have good understanding toward the applicable laws and practices both in China and abroad and have rich experiences in securities business as well.

      Areas of expertise:

  • Syndicated loan; business loans
  • Settlement of non-performing assets
  • Venture capital investment
  • Financial derivative product
  • Bank internal risk control
  • Issuance and listing of stocks of enterprises inside and outside China
  • Issuance and listing of convertible bond, corporate bond and financial bond of listed companies
  • Private equity
  • Securitization
  • Assets replacement
  • Equity transfer
  • Consulting, agency and other related services in respect of establishment, merger, split-up, modification, winding up, liquidation and dissolution of insurance companies and their affiliates and agency institutes
  • Legal consultant services for the insurance companies and their affiliates and agency institutes, all-aspects of legal services for the management, development of insurance products, design, review of important insurance contracts, investigation regarding credit standing and respectability, settlement of claims, resolution of insurance disputes, etc.
  • Establishment of domestic and foreign invested fund companies
  • Feasibility study and legal report regarding investment projects
  • Legal opinions on various issues regarding the fund management companies
  • Drafting the legal documents regarding the issuance of funds and related issues
  • Fund trust
  • Management of trusted assets and investment funds
  • Company financing, project financing trust
  • Legal services regarding safekeeping of trusted properties
  • Short-term inter-bank lending
  • Merger & acquisition of listed companies
  • Asset restructuring of listed companies
  • Foreign exchange matters

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